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Contented Life

Episode 44 interviewed Mindful gure heather yates talking about how to be content with your status

Medical Science News

Episode 57- interview with the latest educational news coming out of science dept's in college

Wisconsin Health Department

Health Issues Forum

Episode 3- Justin and Michael talk about CBD Oil and review a variety of brands

marijuana news

Deren Eaton

Episode 21- Interview with doctor eaton from the science dept at north carolina university

Health and Medical Jobs

UC Gardner Center Magazine

Episode 6- Justin talks with doctors at the unicersity of Conn

Public Media Policy Magazine

The Partakery

Health Effect Magazine

Episode 8- interview with joel darby about his life and weight loss issues

Fitness Star Blog

Legal Journal

Wellness Nutrition Blog


Toronto Health Science

Episode 65- Justin and Michael discuss frauds in the youtube world selling pie in the sky dreams

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